Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug. 27, 2008
Good morning people.
Yesterday went well. I was really good on the eating side. I have a new addiction to grapes. Everytime I want something sweet, which is all the time, I grab a handfull of grapes. I guess I could make a better choice but it is better then a cookie, or candy. I weighed in at 179 this morning.
I went to visit my mom yesterday and help her get her classroom ready for starting the new school year. In exchange for my help she bought the kids some school supplies. I was shocked when I got the kids supply list of stuff for the year. It cost me over 100$ to get everythign they needed and I already had some of the stuff. Good thing grandma is a teacher and had most of the stuff in her classroom.
Update on Brandy.
Brandy had the cat scan and there are no holes in her lungs. They did however find fluid on the outside of her lungs. She had surgery yesterday morning to have a chest tube put in to drain all the fluid. She is already feeling much better because the pressure is not as bad as it was. She is working on getting her lungs back in shape. They are leaving the chest tube in until they are sure there is no more fluid in her chest. They are also testing the fluid to make sure that they are treating her for all infestions of for some reason they are different. So she is still in the hospital but things are slowely getting better.
Well off to take care of house stuff,

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