Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aug. 28, 2008
I want to go back to bed. This idea of going to bed at 11 and getting up at 6 is catching up with me. Yesterday at about 2:30 I had to lie down for a but because I was falling asleep sitting up. 30 min later I felt a little better. It is hard because I still want my time in the evening with Shawn but have to get up early for Garrett. So my plan is already a nap.
Another good day of eating yesterday. I do need to go buy more grapes but I made it through the day without any cheating. I weighed in this morning at 178.2 so almost another pound.
Today the kids are at school, the house is clean, the yard is clean, the laundry done, it is a me day. Have a good one,

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