Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008
What a day yesterday. The boys were running around driving me crazy and boom the earthquake hits. I have Garrett, Cody and 2 friends in a doorway, ran to the backyard to get Pj (who was very upset I was taking him away from watering the plants) got back into the doorway with the boys all before it was over. I spent the next 35 min trying to call Shawn but the phones were down so no Shawn. Then I finally go ahold of him and he had been driving and didn't know we had an earthquake. Then the kids are freaking out the rest of the day thinking everything is another earthquake.
I started round 2 of my summer school last night with a new class all about gender and what makes us act like boys and girls. I got home from school to a house full of kids that wouldn't got o sleep because what if there is another earthquake. I admit once I got them to bed and went to bed I worried and took a long time to fall asleep as well.
Today I have to write a paper already for the new class. I also have about 30 shirts I need to iron and have been putting off for weeks. Oh yeah, I thought of 2 more things I should have added to the 10 things you don't know about me thing 1. I hate ironing, I would rather do laundry all day then iron, and 2 I hate earthquakes. When I was a kid and we would have them I would sleep with my Mom for weeks and weeks after they were done.
So with all the craziness yesterday dieting was pretty easy. I wasn't humgry so it was easy to be smart and I even turned away soda although it was calling my name.
Ok well of to do all my fun jobs.

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