Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008
Good morning. Well Shawn and Jim returned safely. Jim is off to the airport this morning which means that everyone will be back in their own beds and life will become normal again.
I got everything ready for my restart today. Got eggs hard boiled, diet soda in the fridge, ready.
So I am at school today which makes eating pretty easy. I get caught up in ceramics and forget to eat so snacking isn't an issue. I am going to try to get either a salad for lunch and dinner or will go to Mcdonalds and get grilled chicken and a side salad.
I put my clay baby into judging for a show at school. I find out today if he got in or not. I am hoping they got enough work to have a show. If they do my piece will debut to the school and staff on Thur. evening at an art opening. Isn;t that cool! Ok well off to school.
Have a great one,

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