Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, 2008
I have the busiest day ever ahead of me.
Tonight we have Garrett's belt test for karate and then we have to load up and go load some much needed and excited to get furniture from the in laws, after that we are going to a bbq for Shawn's softball team at Matt's house. Before any of that I have to clean the carpet and house for our get together tomorrow, go to the market, go to costco, go to Shawn's work to drop something off, set the house up, pack the kids for Grandma and Grandpa's where they will be sleeping over tomorrow. I swear I am tired just writing it and that is just the schedule for today.
Well my stuff didn't make it into the show at school again. I am not as upset this time as I was last time. I was honestly suprised at alot of stuff that didn't make it or did for that fact. Oh well, maybe next time.
Well I am off to busy life, have a great weekend.

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Mimi said...

Hi Ali. I'm reading some old Kimkins posts at Low Carb Friends, and found the link to your blog. How are you? Are you still on the Kimkins diet, or no? Just curious. Thanks.