Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008
Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We had a great weekend of working around the house, hanging out with friends and family, an a nice extra day off.
Pj is doing much better. He was sick all weekend. It seems like yesterday was the first day he seems to be acting more normal.
Life is crazy. I hate this time of year. I am wrapping up school so I am super busy, the kids are wrapping up school which means lots of extras in the day and the evening, all of this while trying to figure out when the beach trip planning is going to fit in. I have finals until 10 pm on thur. and we leave for the beach the next day. I just keep telling Shawn I cannot get wrapped up in the beach trip and not give my school 100%. So I am worried but it always seems to pull together somehow.
Lets see in the art world there is a huge show at my school that opens June 12th. It is all of the art students works. Judges pick about 80 pieces out of 250 to be shown. I submitted my baby and the strange white bowl with all the sharp edges on it. You are only allowed to enter 2 pieces. I find out on Friday if either made it. I am hoping for the best but know all to well about rejection. The neat part is you get to name the pieces and price them for the rick collectors to buy if they want. The white bowl is called "nuts and bolts" and is $400.00, the baby I name something in Italian that means from my heart, he is priced at $1200.00. I won't mind at all if the white bowl sells but the baby is still s toss up, I know I don't have a place to show him in my home so I think maybe it would be better for someone to own him that can display him. I am still torn. I thought I would try to make another baby to sell, I sat down and gave up after about 2 hours. I really am not sure how I made the first one. I am still amazed at how he turned out.
On the diet front. I restarted yesterday. I am not sure of my weight. I know I went up because my pants fit tighter. I am goign to be good until the beach, even on the weekends. Even if I don't lose alot before then my shorts will fit better if I lose 5 pounds.
For today it is laundry, and getting the house ready for a very busy weekend. Friday we have Garrett's karate and then a quakes game. Sat we have a birthday party and after my clay club is coming over for a bbq. Sun Garrett has a karate tournement, I have a baby shower, and a grad party for a friend. I love to have things to do on the weekend but AHH that is alot for 3 days.
Well I will write again on Friday.

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