Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008
The ceramics sale went really well. I got alot of comments on how the necklaces turned out better this time. I sold 10 necklaces, a few bowls, about 18 things total. The bad part is it took about $100 to make everything so I didn't make as much back as I would like. I love to work the sales and see what people are buying. This sale people like medium sozed bowls and anything blue or red/brown. It is just funny how each sale different stuff sells.
As far as diet I did well yesterday. People who can't work the sale and are selling things either give you a free piece to take home or bring you drinks basically bribes. For lunch I could have had anything I liked but I was really good and had one brc burrito and for dinner I had one grilled chicken sandwhich from chick fil a. I had lots of water and iced tea. A good day in my book.
Our plans for this weekend are tomorrow maybe go to a baseball game but not to many plans yet. I have to go to school and take a placement test in the morning but the rest of the day should be family time. Sunday my Mom has decided that since I am now a Mom and she isn't raising kids anymore I should take the day for me so the morning is mine to do what I want. In the evening we are going to my in laws for a bbq and hanging out with the family.
I am praying for a great weekend on the diet side. I need to stick with it and one cheat and I will go crazy so no bad food. I am going to be good. It feels to good to see the scale go down.
I weighed in this morning at 169.8 so back in the 160's. Whoo hoo.
Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day.

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