Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008
Sorry it has been so long. Life is busy as you all know. School is in it last few weeks so that has been priority #1.
This weekend went well. Everything fell into place. Garrett did great at his karate stuff, he didn't win a trophy but Shawn said he did great and garrett said he had fun. My Clay club stuff went well. Nothing to crazy.
This week I am tied up in a million school projects I have to get done. I have things all over ceramics, a huge project due for my computer class, and a huge final next thur. for my science class. I can't even begin to think about our beach trip yet which makes me sad. By now we usually have everything planned and written out, this year nothing. Oh well.
Ok lets be honest about the diet. I have not been on track. With as much stuff going on in life I have not taken the time to plan meals and do alot on the run. I am basically going to just make it through finals and the beach and then start a whole new run at this from square 1 after we get back from vacation. I feel like if I am dieting and planning there, I am lacking somewhere else. To give everything priority and give it my all I am waiting until after vacation. Once we are back and things slow down a bit I am going to start logging my food, and goign back to where I was last summer. If I am going to get to goal by Dec. then I need to get my butt in gear.
Have a great day. i will try to post again when I get time.

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Tiny said...

Sounds like you're in basic "survival" mode right now; I totally get that. Good luck getting all your projects done...see ya at the beach soon!