Monday, June 9, 2008

garrett is now a yellow belt with a black stripe in Karate. He got his belt on Friday. Garrett was not happy that he didn't get a double promotion like he was wanting so he went up and confronted the teacher. I was very proud that he was willing to talk to his teacher about it. I told him that if he didn't talk to his teacher and find out why then he would be unhappy about not asking him so he did. Turns out Garrett missed 1 class the friday before Easter and that is the only reason he didn't get a double promotion. He got 100% on the test and the teacher thinks he is ready to go to an orange belt. Made me feel bad because he wanted to go to karate before we left for camping and we convinced him it was no big deal. OOps.
Garrett is also graduating from 5th grade on Wed. I cannot believe that he is going to be a Junior High student next year.
We also got a phone call to let us know that Cody is going to be getting an award at school. They couldn't tell us what it is just that he is getting something special. So tomorrow I am going to the school for that. Also we are very proud of Cody in his school work. He read a ton of books and took little tests on each of them. At the school if you get enough books in the year you get to go to a special BBQ with the priciple. Cody got to go to the bbq with a few other students in the school. He was so excited.
Well just had to let you all know how the kids are.

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Tiny said...

No way! Did you really say that our first born little nephew is going to be in junior high next year??? That hardly seems! :) Anyhow, it's good to hear how well things are going for the kids. Give them our love please and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend! :O)