Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008
What a day. Cody was 2nd grader of the trimester for his class. It was a pretty big deal. Only 3 kids per class get the honor of getting the hug award. So yeah for Cody. When the kids got off the bus Garrett came running in so excited because he got student of the month for his class as well as a citizenship award for helping around campus. It was a great day to be a parent when you see it paying off in little ways.
I just finished ironing a shirt for Garrett to wear to his 5th grade graduation. I still remember my 5th grade graduation. it is crazy how quickly they grow up.
Tomorrow we have Garrett's graduation, the last day of school for both of the older boys, and as a fun little thing we let Garrett pick where he wants to go to lunch and he picked Red Lobster. We are heading there for lunch with just Garrett. Should be fun and a very busy day. I am just so thrilled that we made it through another school year.
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Tiny said...

How awesome for both the boys to end the year on such a positive note! How cool is that?! :O) Kuddos, congrats and lots of love from us to them please!