Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008
Well despite all the talk about getting things going for the beach trip we really didn't get all that much done. We had a fantastic weekend of being a family. We went to the Quakes game on Sat. evening. We got the trailer emptied out and ready to lead. We went to costco and priced everything. We also tried like 3 new recipies to see if they would be a good meal for the beach. So we did beach stuff but nothing productive. So we are still in the same boat of having almost nothing ready for the beach. It all comes down to Friday.
Other then beach planning, it is all about school. I am going to studying my butt off. I have a final on Thur. that if I don't pass I will have to retake the class. Ouch.
Tonight we are going to another Quakes game with a few family friends.
Alright off to life,

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