Friday, June 12, 2009

Well the closet that I packed up a few months ago is being unpacked today. I wore a pair of 12's a few days ago and my 13 jeans yesterday. I am feeling great and ready to try on all the shorts and shirts to see if I have a wardrobe for the beach next week.
I think it is funny how each time I lose weight it looks different on my body. Last time, and sorry if this is to much info, I lost my boobs. I had to go buy new bras and everything. I still have 25 pounds to go and the boobs haven't moved, I am still in the "fat" bra's. I will admit they don't look the same but seriously I want them to go so I can wear the cute stuff again.
So we are haing a birthday party tomorrow for the boys. I haven't done anything to get ready yet. I have bene so stressed and busy with school and little league I wasn't able to wrap my head around doing another thing. So today we are filling the pool, cleaning the house, organizing and getting all the food, etc. I do things great under pressure. To top it off we have a Quakes game tonight. Sometimes I think we are crazy but if we slow down we might miss something:)
ok well off to get things ready but I weighed in at 176.6 almost 25 pounds lost. Yeah for me.

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Tiny said...

WOW!!! Congrats on nearly 25 pounds lost! :O)