Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My mind is exhausted. Between finals, the CSET drama, and spending every free moment doing beach stuff I am so ready for a vacation. Shawn wants to sit and plan things and I just want to sit. I bought 4 new books for the beach and planning on vegging for the 10 days. I am calling it makeup time for the last 2 non stop years of school and stress.
I think it is setting in even more that I am graduation 4 days. I am nervous and jittery about it. I know Ill be back in Sept. but I will be in an entirely different part of campus nowhere near the safe and fimiliar art area. Ok so enough about that.
I weighed in this morning at 174.4 finally broke the 175 mark that I have been stuck at for what feels like weeks.
Well I am off to pack clothes, pack the nice clean trailer, and get beach stuff going. I did go to Costco yesterday and $415 later (ouch) we usually plan better but we got new chairs, and Shawn new white t-shirts, and a ton of sunscreen. Now I remember why I never shop at Costco. Oh well off to work,

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