Friday, June 5, 2009

Well I have been the same weight since Sat. and I finally broke my plateu. I was starting to think the diet had stopped working but normally I would be like well it stopped working so I guess my body is fine where it is. This time I kept going and it finally paid off and I lost almost 1 pound. I weighed in at 179 even.
I have new people joining me on the low carb diet wagon. Shawn has decided that weight watchers was to slow and he had started gaining even though he wasn't cheating at all. He started on Tues. and is down 6 pounds already. I have another friend who's name I won't say ad she is doing really well as. It is nice to have partners in the hourney. Shawn has been doing alot of research on how the diet works and my other friend is giving me new recipies to try. Awesome. It has been inspiring.
Other than dieting I am just working really hard to get done with school. I am at the tail end and I can feel it. I have a 10 page paper to write this weekend with a partener at school so Sunday I have to meet him for the afternoon. I have finished all of my ceramics work for the quarter, and my woodshop project is almost complete. I basically have an art history final and a few papers to write for english and I am DONE!!!! I am so excited because I honestly wondered if I would even make it to being done with school. 2 weeks to go.
Well have a great weekend and I will chat again on Monday,

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