Monday, June 1, 2009

So I was really good all weekend and only lost .4, I was a little bummed as I would get on the scale and not see the number move all weekend. I feel thinner and this is making it ok that the number didn't move. I am going to think of it as the weight is redestributing so that even if it is still there it looks better on. Nice thought right? oh well I am thinking that it might be necessary to add exercise to keep it moving and am trying to talk m yself into it. Did I add that I am officially in the 170's!!!

What a great weekend. I saw alot of people and it seems like people are starting to be able to tell that I am losing which is always a great motivator.

Garrett was at a friends and the other two boys and I went to my nieces b-day party, we had so much fun hanging with the fam and celebrating. I had a ton of homework so we rented movies for the boys and hung out Sat night. Sunday we went at got Garrett and I decided to take the kids to see the new movie UP. It was suck a cute story and the kids enjoyed it. I will admit it is a bit of a tear jerker for adults but totally worth seeing.

Shawn gets home today and I can't wait to see him. He called yesterday but his throat is bothering him so it didn't sound like him. Shawn told me that is has been raining almost the entire time and last night they decided to pack up the camp and stay in a hotel to get out of the weather and get some sleep. He says they have been catching and having fun even with the weather so that is good.

my goal today is to work on a research paper I have been putting off and really need to get done, it is in a new format so I am stumped on how to write it and not looking forward to it.

Well have a good Monday,


so here is something to make you think.

Junk Mail

we all hate it and it seems like when you pick up mail in the mailbox more than half is junk mail. The USPS make million of dollars a year by delivering junkmail sot hey don't want to stop and don't offer a service to stop junk mail

So what to do

there are online resources that you can pay $1 and they will get rid of junkmail to you mailbox by adding you to a do not send to list. It is like the do not call list for junkmail. Here is the link

Stopping junk mail is earth friendly but....

Did you know that if there were no junkmail an average letters cost to be sent would be well over $1 a piece. So which is better??? Going green or going broke? I am still torn on this one but I am thinking going broke isn't an option.

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Tiny said...

I could definitely tell when I saw you this weekend Ali. Keep up the good work! You'll stun them all at graduation! :O)