Monday, June 15, 2009

I have to tell you why I love my blog. I woke up this morning and weighed in at 175.4 and was a little bummed because in my head that was the same as I weighed on Friday. I get my coffee and sit down to write my blog and look at Fridays where I had weighed 176.6 so I did still lose and the blog had to remind me.
I got an email on Sat. that mae my day. The head of the art dept. sent me an email telling me that at an awards ceremony on Thurday I am going to be presented a medalion to wear at graduation because I am going to be graduating wiith Honors. How cool is that. I am really proud of myself. Honors heans that I got higher than a 3.5 Grade point average at CSUSB. It means I got almost all A's and a few B's. I am so thrillled I can't contain it. I the girls who didn't know if I would ever finish school is now graduating with honors. Whoo hoo to me.
Our party went fabulous, we had so much fun even though it was a little cold the kids still went swimming for a little bit. The craft turned out perfectly. All in all the whole thing went off without a hitch. I didn't cheat at all that day either. We did a decorate your own cupcake table and I resisted and had a pineapple spear instead,, we put out cheese as a appetizer that we could eat, and I stuck to no alcohol and only my diet pepsi. I resisted it all. I even got some much needed help form the girls at the partu about what to wear to graduation.
Sunday we went to a bbq at Scott and Matt's house and I didn't cheat there. I was tempted by these stupid wheat thins but I got a big bowl of water melon to eat instead. We ha fun hanging with the guys as well as our friends Jum and his kids Max, and Ruby. Oh I also forget that the most imprtant member oof the family was in on all of the days festivities Drake, Scott's black lab.
We leave for our beach trip in 5 days and I have not planned anything. Our plan was to get things organized yesterday but we cleaned up from the party instead. Hopefully with the crazyness of the week we can pull it all together.

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