Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008
Well school went really well yesterday. My first class is legacy of life it is going to be about evolution of animals not so much humans, dinosaurs, how the earth has changed over the last 4 billion years. Fun right?
Art and technology is next, we will be learning about how to make a web site from scratch, how to use a computer and make art.
Last ceramics which is always fun, new teacher, new people.
Ok so diet wise I threw an apple, pear, and 1 c. of cashews into my backpack just in case. I am sure glad I did. I didn't have much tome to stop and eat so I ate all of that. Then I get to ceramics and they are bbq-ing and offered me some food I was good and said no thanks then changed my mind. I did have a handfull of grapes and 1 hot dog with no bun.
So I weighed in this morning at 166.4 almost back to last fridays weight.
Today I have 5 chap. to read about darwin. Yeah for me. Have a good one .

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