Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008
What a busy last few days.
Monday night we went to the Quakes game and we were in the front row on the field. The kids got to meet a few players and talk to the mascots. What a great time we had. We didn't get home until really late which made yesterday a little off from a little less sleep then I would have liked to have. Yesterday was another busy school day of clay club and meetings.
So as far as diet I am restarting tomorrow when I get food back in the house and ready mentally again. I AM going to get the treadmill up and running today. I was watching my favorite show last night "the biggest loser" and there is a woman named Ali on it who I love. She started at a very similar weight to where I was and has lost 99 pounds. She works out and looks amazing. She now weighs 135 which is where I want to be when this diet thing is all over. Here is the problem. I don't really exercise so now I am getting thinner but have the fun hanging skin going on. So I am using Ali as my little insperation to keep going. So everyone wish Ali good luck next week at the finale.
Well I am off to laundry, ironing:( and getting the treadmill ready.

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