Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008
I made it through clay day. It was a fantastic time. It was the first time I had the chance to work in a ceramics studio with the age group that I will be hopefully working with in a few years. I had alot of fun and was so impressed by some of the students. They were amazing.
Sat. night we went to a wedding of some friends of ours. It was fun and we got to see alot of people that we don't get the chance to see very often.
Sun. we moved Pj into a big boy bed and got rid of all of his baby furniture. He didn't seem to minf until he saw the bed drive away in the bacl of a truck. He got over it once he went and jumped on his full size bed. His room is a total design mess with blue walls and green and brown bedding but his b-day is coming soon and we will be buying him new bedding.
Lets see the rest of Sun. we recouped from our long and busy weekend. We bbq in the backyard and listened to music whiel the kids played.
So we have company coming to stay with us. Jim Peeler is flying in and staying at our house for a few days. Shawn and Jim are going to Bishop this weekend for a mens fishing weekend. I will be home with the boys getting some necklaces finished up for the Mothers day clay sale next week.
Ok for the getting skinny stuff. I am kind of at a stand still right now. It is extremely hard to diet while I am in school. It seems like tons of stuff revolves around food. Many of the days I get in one meal and it is a stop at the bookstore and see what is in the case. Many sandwhiches. So I am in the process of deciding if I shoudl continue to diet or keep it easy on myself, get through this quarter and restart in the summer. i am really not sure yet. I know I cannot promise to not cheat in the next few weeks so I am mentally tired of the diet talk with myself. I think I really need to be able to really concontrate on the diet and it is just really hard to do on my busy school days.
Well I am off to a giant pile of laundry that didn't get done on Friday.

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Tiny said...

I totally get what you're saying Ali. It's hard to focus on your eating when there is so much else (other stressful stuff) going on at the same time. If you need a mental break, take it. I'm just thinking that I'd hate to see you throw away all of your hard work by totally taking a "free for all eating" type of break. How about no measuring, no hard core restrictions, but still sticking with primarily healthy foods most the time kind of break? Just a thought. I'll be praying for ya sis! Love ya! :)