Friday, November 30, 2007

Nov. 30, 2007
I got my art history paper back yesterday. Lets just say that I was really on the wrong track. I got a 58.5% or an F. My first college F. I would be more upset but the highest grade was a C so I am about average with the class who all did bad. I know now that I just have to do really well on my final.
Shawn had company over last night to watch football. Matt and John were here when I got home from school. You should have seen my kitchen when I got home. They made steak and had about 30 spices out on the counter. Fun clean up for me.
I weighed in this morning at 156.6 which is 1/2 pound away from 60 lost. I feel like I am getting closer to the 140 then 160. I had girl in one of my classes ask me last night if I have lost weight since starting school becasue I look thinner then when she met me. I said yes and then added it up in my head. I started school 10 weeks ago and have lost 19 pounds. I love reality checks like that. I still know I am on track. I was saying last night for the first time I feel like I am going to succeed. I don't think I can fail. I have done so many diets before going in with the idea of failure and failing. This time I knew I wanted to succeed and I feel like I have. Yeah to me.
Have a great Friday. TGIF

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Tiny said...

You go girl! How awesome Ali, you're almost at 60 pounds lost--WOW! I too know that you'll succeed and not fail. You've already come so far. Whatever goal you decide on as your end goal, you'll get there for sure! Keep up the great work! You're looking great; how cool that your classmate noticed! And sorry about your paper. I took that class before too, it's alot of history to become familiar with. Better luck on the final! :o)