Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov. 19, 2007
What a fun weekend we had.
Sat. we went to a Kings hockey game and got to sit in a suite. We went with Kevin, Tera and family. Everyone thought we were there for Marcus's b-day, he got to ride the Zambonee. It was a great time and got even better when Kevin Proposed to Tera and she of course said yes. I love engagments. We are jsut thrilled that our Kevin has found someone special to spend his life with.
After the hockey game we went to our nephews b-day party. We got there kind of late but the party was still going strong. I did eat a few thing that I shouldn't have. You have to understand one thing about their parties you wlk in the door and a plate is put in your hand. Eat, eat, eat. I love Ms. Paggao but she is hard to tell no.
Sun. I woke up dead sick. I was a little sick starting Thursday but yesterday it knocked me on my butt. I tookk airbourne which my Mom swares by but I guess I started taking it too late. So yesterday I slept 90% of the day and ate the other 10% I felt like crap but was still hungry. Oh well.
So today I am feeling a little bit better. I don't feel like an elephant is sitting on my head anymore. Now it feels more like a smaller farm animal.
Ok so here is the bad news I had another gaining weekend. I seem to be stuck between 163-160 I work all week to get down to 160 and then all weekend to go back up to 162.? I wouldn't say it is a plateu becasue if I didn't have a bad weekend I would be down. I guess I just need to get stronger. Should be a fun week with Thanksgiving. Strength is what I am praying for this week.
Oh I weighed in at 162.8 again....
Have a great Monday. I am rewriting a paper and Registering for school. BUSY again.

oh check out these pic I got from Megan of this years beach trip. I was so glad I got to look at this when I no longer looked like this. I thought I looked cute. AHHHH moment. Yuck. Shawn actually saw this and thanked me for losing weight. He would have never told me then but now he actually said he is glad I can wear cute stuff and look cute. he said that even when I tried to look cute he didn't always find me attractive. Honest but oh man I had no idea how bad I looked. I look pregnant and sorry to say this but my A** looks huge. I look at these and I feel like I am looking at someone else. So glad I dont look like that anymore. So if you have any fat pics of me from beach or other events I would love you to email them to me so I can see or post them here. Sounds strange but they really are a big help for me.

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Tiny said...

Hey there Ali. Stay strong; I know you'll break the 160 mark soon! Thanksgiving might be a little hicup along the road, but you'll quickly recover from it I'm sure! One more thing, I lo-ooove your new look, but I hate :( to hear you talk about yourself prior to losing the weight. I never saw my "fat" or "aweful looking" sister-in-law--as I've heard you describe yourself...just someone I loved dearly. You are looking great and I believe that you will continue to be successful in your weight loss journey (which is awesome!) I just want you to know though that your value as a person hasn't changed. You were just as special (and worthy of respect)to us all then as you are now! Love ya sis! Keep it up!