Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dec. 1st 2007
Whoo hoo we got Garth Brooks tickets. We got up and on the computers and got tickets to go to the Sat. night concert. We are going with Matt and Scotty J. Shawn is so excited. We had Matt and the two of us on the website trying to get tickets and Matt got them for all of us.
Last night we went and got our Christmas tree. We went to Lowes and got the biggest tree ever. It is huge. It was in the 6-7 ft area but it is about 8 ft tall and very full and round. HUGE! We also went to pixxa at Round Table for tradition sake. I had a salad and 2 pieces of pizza, yummy, the pizza there wins me over everytime.
Let see I did not weigh in this morning yet because I ran downstairs to get the Garth tickets. Thanks Matt! So I will let you know on Monday how I am doing. Have a great weekend. We are decorating a tree. The older 2 boys are sick so we are hoping they are feeling better by this afternoon for our Nieces birthday party.

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