Friday, December 7, 2007

Dec. 7, 2007

Without even realizing it I decided to add up how many days I have been dieting. I started on July 7 -7/7/07 can you tell I love 7. SO that would make today my 5 month mark. 5 months I have been doing this and I didn't even know it. I go back to school in 1 month on Jan 7 This will be my 6 mo mark and I would love to be at like 75 lost by then. 14 pounds in a month can be done. Hoping Christmas doesn't mess with me too much. Also another wierd fact is that my 30th birthday will be on 2/7 and it will be my 7 month mark. Gotta love the 7.

I made it through my first quarter as a college Junior. I can't believe it went by so fast. Yesterday was my ceramics final which went awesome. My professor liked my bowl sculpture so much she thinks if I go into a masters program I should use it and make a bunch of the same thing in different styles and colors. I put a pic up top because it is so not an Ali piece. I love it but it is wierd and not normal for me. Maybe that is why it is so awesome. I got an A on the piece and an A in the class. The piece is all made up of cut and reshaped bouncy hand balls that I made replicas out of clay. Also my professor Alison pulled me aside yesterday and told me she would like to set me up with a lady she knows who owns a bead shop in Claremont. The woman is looking for someone to make stuff for her to use and sell in her shop. My professor was wearing one of my necklaces at the time and the woman really loved it. I am going to make up some necklaces and then take them over and meet her in the next few weeks. Seems like this whole pendant thing is coming together.
My night class went really well also. I posted the pics a few days ago. I got an A on the project and another A in that class. It is always a great feeling when someone appreciated your work and tells you why. I had a great semester and will miss all of the new people I have met but one month off will be fantastic.
I had a tough day yesterday. I did not get a free second to eat until 4pm. By this time I was dying. I went to El Pollo Loco and got an all chicken burrito with salsa. After my burrito I went to class that was a Pizza party. I was so good and didn't have any pizza. My good friend did make cookies and 2 happened to make it into my mouth. Then I got home and Shawn and I split an super yummy piece of Butterfinger Cheesecake. Talk about good. I weighd in this morning at 155.2 again so no gain after a tuff day is so nice.
Well enough writing today. Have a good weekend.

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