Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec. 4, 2007
I am done with European art history. Yeah. Now hopefully I pass the class and dont have to take it again. I have no idea how I did for a few weeks. I have finals on Thur. fo rmy other 2 classes but I just have to turn stuff in that I am already done with. WHoo.
Today after my final I had the opportunity to go to a lunch with my mother in law at the pacific palms hotel. My mother in law works for the chamber of commerce and I was able to meet some of her co workers who follow the blog. It is always nice to meet my fans. Just kidding. It is nice to meet people who know about me and what I have been going through. We had a wonderful lunch and the Mt. Sac choir sang Christmas songs, they were fantastic. I had a very fun afternoon.
Now I am sitting here doing homework with the boys and enjoying the idea of not studying tonight. I am so glad I am done.
I weighed in this morning at 157.2 again. I was good yesterday but had taco's for dinner from Del Taco. I had studied up to my eyeballs and couldn't think about cooking. Today I did really well at the luncheon and ate less then 1/2 of my food. I did however eat 1/2 of my dessert which was egg nog mousse. It was good but very sweet. Hopefully tomorrow the scale moves down even with my bump.
Have a great evening and I will talk again tomorrow.

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