Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dec. 6, 2007
Yesterday I actually got all the house clean and the laundry done in 1 day. I have not been able to get everything done in 1 day in weeks. On top of that I made dinner without hating that I had to. It is sad when life is so busy you hate all the stuff you usually don't mind doing.
I pick my kiln up on Sat. I am so excited I didn't sleep last night I just kept running things through my head. I know I am a dork.
I have my last 2 finals today. My ceramics is easy I just show up and tell about this bowl thing I made. My night final is a pizza party and turn in the pictures that I painted over the weekend. Should go well. I am just thankful to be done. Next semester I am going to be taking advanced ceramics, photography, and health and human ecology. I will be there 8am to 8pm T and Th. It will be cool to just be in different classes.
I did so good yesterday. I cleaned like a mad woman. I ate only good stuff except for 1/2 of an avocado. I weighed in this morning at 155.2 another pound gone. 61 pounds gone now. Odd thing is I weigh in the 150's and I keep writing 190 and 170 is my weigh in book I guess the mind is still stuck in the past. I am also excited to be in vacation from school becasue I will have the chance to focus on my weight loss and make it a priority again for awhile. I have still been losing but not with the foods and things I want to be in.
Ok well I am off to my fianls.


Anonymous said...

61-lbs! 61-lbs! That's awesome. But I had better really get my butt moving on your 65-lb present....

Tiny said...

Congratulations on your Kiln, how exciting for you! And, I'm proud of you for getting right back on track after the weekend and making such great progress! You're an encouragement to me as well! Enjoy your time off! Love ya! :O)