Monday, December 10, 2007

Dec. 10, 2007
Ahhhh I had another terrible weekend. I did not stick to my diet at all. Terrible. Today I am going to take Pj for a long walk and get back to my good habits. I am hoping to be back to my previous weight sometime soon. I am getting back on the horse for the I don't know 50 millionth time. Pretty soon I hope he will just stop throwing me off.
Sat. I got my kiln. It is beautiful and I keep going into the garage to check it out and admire it. I am a total ceramics dork. I am excited because I got a great deal on it. Now the only problem I have is plugging it in. It is a 220v. plug and the only 220 we have is by the dryer. I am going to go to home depot and see what I can do about it today.
What else. We hung out and did alot of nothing yesterday. Shawn was not feeling well all weekend so he just loft around yesteray in an attemt to feel better today. He is doing much better. This week I am going to be cleaning, organizing, and getting some work done on my ceramics.
I weighed in this morning at 159.4 I told you I did terrible. We went to our favorite mexican place on Fri. and then Sat we went to a party where I had hot cocoa, a few bites of cake, and yummy potato salad. Dinner we went back to the same mexican food again. Yesterday we ordered pizza for dinner. I over did it in all kinds of ways. I am going to do my start up week of my diet with lots of lean protein, salad, and eggs to get back to eating right again.
Have a good Mon.

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