Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec. 11, 2007
What a great day I had yesterday. I went to an electrical store in the morning and got all the cord to get my kiln up and working. Now I have a fully functional kiln. Bad part is it is so big I have to make a bunch of stuff to fill it up. Darn. Just kidding.
Next I went to the botanical gardens with Justin and Brandy. We went for a good walk and I got some leaves to make more necklaces. I love to see J and Brandy they are just so fun and unique.
lat I came home made dinner and then got my grades for last quarter. I thought I knew my grades but I officially know them now. I got a B- in art history, an A- in my drawing class, and an A in ceramics. I had a 3.51 Gpa I am so excited. I did really well for my first quarter. I am an A and B grade student for like the first time in my life. Love it.
I weighed in this morning at 156. somthing. I can't remember and forgot to write it down when I came downstairs. I had a tough day yesterday. I was good all day and only ate good stuff then noght came. I got the munchies and wanted to eat so bad. I was really good with Shawn's help and had an omelet to eat something but not bad stuff like I wanted. It is so hard to get back on this diet after I have cheated a few days in a row. For some reason the holidays and cold air make me want to eat. I am going to lose this season I am I am I am. (Stomping my feet). I just have to keep focused on my goal and the fact that I have sponsors helping me out really helps in this tough time. Thanks everyone.

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