Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec. 13, 2007
I have decided to be super optimistic and instead of putting my weight everyday I am going to start a countdown. As of this morning I have 20 pounds to go. I weighed in at 152.8 so really 20.5 but close enough. I did have a salad yesterday because it was the easiest thing in the house for dinner. So I did have some carbs from that.
I fired my kiln again yesterday and have my first finished in my ouw home studio pieces. I am excited. I am learning all the little details about ceramics. One of my pieces sis blow up and shatter all over the kiln. I was a little impatient and put them in while they were a little bit wet. You will all see what I have been making when you gfet your Christmas gifts. :)
Today I am going to get a pedicure with Carrie Jones for one of my sponsored pounds. I am excited. It should be alot of fun and talking.
Pj is still sick, he has a nasty cough but he still is running around the house in full force.
Ok well I am off to get stuff for the Brenner family Christmas that is going to be at our house on Sat. Busy day of shopping and planning here I come.
Have a good one,

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