Friday, December 21, 2007

Dec. 21, 2007
Happy Friday. Can you believe we have only 4 days until Christmas? I am still so unpreparred. Today I am doing maket trips and wrapping about 500 gifts. SHould be fun and put me in the spirit.
Last night we went to see Cody in a Christmas play/musical. It was so cute. As soon as he got on stage he is looking all over for us. He saw us and then is waving amd making face the rest of the time he was on stage. Ya, my kid was the waving kid who didn't sing just smiled at his parents the whole time.
Shawn and I met for lunch yesterday. Pj was at the sitter and I get lonely when all the kids are gona and I am home alone. Honestly it never happens but to keep his spot in childcare pj still has to go over Chrstmas break. I thought I would have time to get all inds of stuff done but instead I have been baking, wrapping, shopping with the free time.
Well I don't know when the next time I post will be so to everyone have a very Merry Christmas. Don't get stressed and enjoy it.
Talk to ya soon,

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