Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dec. 18. 2007
This season is getting the best of me. I am having a harder time staying on track then I thought I was going to. I baked yesterday. Last night Matt came over for his birthday dinner. We made pork chops. It was a fun night of hanging out. I ate a bunch of cookies. You have to test everything before you give them to people. Isn't that right? Anyways my tummy is very upset with me and all my cheating. I am going to try really hard today to stay on track.
I did not weigh in this morning. If I have gained I don't want to know because it will drive me crazy. So Ali is going to be good today and eat right. I have come to the idea now that if on Jan 7th when I go back to school and life returns to normal I weigh the same or close to what I did when I left school for break I will be totally fine with it. Wish me luck.
Have a dry day.

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