Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dec. 19, 2007
Well I lost the battle again yesterday. I baked all day again and we had our very favorite Macaroni grill for dinner. Today I am going to do better. I have it all planned out. I cannot weigh in without having a few good days. I toyed with the idea of staying off the diet until Jan 2. but If I gain .5 to 1 pound a day eating all the goodies I want that could mean about 20 pounds gained. Not doing it. So today I am going to have a frozen dinner for lunch and tuna salad for dinner. I know today will be tough only because I have been eating so much I need to retrain my body to know when it is satisfied instead of cramming it full. I know I have gained because my pants feel tighter. How am I going to look cute for the holidays if none of my clothes fit? So back to being good today.

Have a good one,

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