Monday, April 27, 2009

What a great weekend.
Sat I had to be at school at 8 for clay day. Clayy day is where local high schools come and compete in clay events. It was so cool to work with the kids and see how amazing they are. After clay day I headed to Garrett's little league game. My mother and father in law came to the boys games for the day and of course we used the time to half watch the game and half chit chat. It was great too see them.
Sunday we headed to church in the morning. In the afternoon we went to my in laws for my husbands, brother in laws, and nieces birthday celebration. I love the chance to get to see all of the Brenner's. Because it was my nieces birthday my sis in law had all the girls get their hair and make up one on the patio. We all know that I have 3 boys and no girls. I was asked to do hair and makeup and have to admit I was a bit nervous because I can't even do my hair half of the time. I did a great job and the girls looked so cute, I will try to post a pic if I can get one for you to see. I got to witness my nieces and nephews throwiing lemons over a wall because they thought no adults were out there and man are they a little force to be reconed with.
As for the diet I did great all weekend. I took things to all the events this weekend to make my life easier. I took bean salsa and my own tortillas. I was also constantly moving on Sat. so I am hoping that helps drop a few more pounds. My official weigh in day is tomorrow so I will let you know on Wed how I am doing.
I feel so much better on this diet. I am less tempted to "cheat" because there isn't to much I really can't have. Tonight for dinner we are going to have blueberry pancakes and eggs with sugar free syrup.
Well off to write two papers and go shopping for ceramic supplies. Oh yeah I also get to go pick up a baseball glove that I won at an auction that Garrett is so excited about. hat a great and busy day it will be.

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