Monday, April 20, 2009

I just spend 2 hours cleaning my closet and packing up everything that doesn't fit. All my 10 and 12 are in boxes until I get back to that size. I decided it wasn't worth getting dressed everyday and looking at the 100 things in my closet that didn't fit while the stuff that did was at the bottom of the closet due to lack of room. It was rough I kept looking at these tiny cloths and was rough on myself. I feel like crap at the moment but I know when I get to that point of opening all the boxes and everything fitting I will be glad I did this.
Had to share so I can look back later and remember why I did this.

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Tiny said...

Hey sis. Hope you're having a successful fresh start thus far. It made me sad to read about your closet experience. Yet, although hard to do, putting all those clothes away will hopefully keep yourself from getting frustrated everyday as you pick out your clothes. Plus, how awesome will it be when you re-reach your goal and have an instant new wardrobe for free? Hang in there sis! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Don't beat yourself up over choices made in the past..just make good choices now as you move forward! :O)