Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sept. 20, 2007
I am officially a University student. I am sitting in the Art building right now using my schools internet. My first class went well. I am a little nervous becasue it is art histury and she expects us to know some history already. Like did youknow that in old pictures if a man has one hand tucked into his robe it shows he is a thinker and not a worker or what is neo classicism? Yeah I don't know either. I am a little lost but the 80 plus pages a week of reading should help. My second class is ceramics. There are a total of 12 students in the class. I am so thrilled that there is amazing equiptment to work with and my teacher Allison seems like the is going to be fun. I am waiting now for my 3rd class to start. I will update you tomorrow on that one.
I packed my lunch so I knew I would eat healthy. Tuna, string cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese, seems like I am on a soft foods diet. I am happy that I have a 1 hr break in all this craziness of school to eat and then take a campus walk.
I weighed in this morning at 177.2 so 39 pounds again. I have not ran all week becasue I will admit I am lazy. I know that if I do it will drop faster so I will be on the treadmill first thing tomorrow after the kids leave for school.
I am off to my last class. Talk again tomorrow.

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