Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sept. 18, 2007
Pj starts daycare today. With me starting school Pj is starting daycare on Tues. and Thurs. I don't have school today but we decided to take him for a mini day before we throw him in for the whole day on Thurs. I am sad and nervous to leave him but I know it has to happen for me to go to school. He is going to be going to a daycare very close to our house. The lady is a christian woman she has 5 kids that she watches in her home. I think she and Pj are well fitted for each other. I guess we will see when I pick him up today.
I jumped on my treadmill yesterday and as soon as I was done warming up and had just started running it turn off. My first thought is what did the kids do? After resetting all the power in the house it still would not work. I cannot believe that I finally start using the darn thing and it breaks. Shawn says did you unplug it and replug it in duh of course I did, then says pull the plug out and push the prongs closer together so I did and it turns right back on. I sure am glad that I procrastinated and ran in the evening when Shawn was home. So the treadmill is fine and I ran extra because of the whole incident.
I weighed in thi morning at 177.8 I have no idea why the scale went up except that maybe it doesn't like me. J/k. No I am really not sure why I was really good yesterday and did not have anything I was not allowed to. I did have 3 cups of coffee so I will cut back to my normal 1 in the am in 1 around 4 to get me through the evening.
Pj reached on my fireplace yesterday and pulled down my 44 gift and ripped one of the ends. I grabbed it and when I go to fix it I see that matt is really smart. He double wrapped the gift and on the inner layer of paper he has written no peeking. I laughed all day about it. Shawn looked at it later that night and he laughed about it for awhile to. See even when I don't get to open the gifts yet I still get something out of them. Thanks.
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