Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sept. 13, 2007
I decided that I had better start exercising if I ever want this weight to come off. My goal is to get on the bike, treadmill, or something each day mon-Fri. Yesterday I did the treadmill. I blared Sugarland and off I went. I only did 1 mile but I was able to run 1/2 mile of it. When I started this diet I could barely run 30 second without dying. Yesterday I broke up the 1/2 mile so that I could slow down, catch my breath, and get a drink of water. I was very impressed with myself that I was able to actually run any amount at all. My legs are in so much pain today but I know I need to get back on and go again.
Garrett has his first band practice tonight. He has been walking around blowing on his trombone for 3 days with no idea what he is doing. I am glad he will learn even a few notes. He is so excited, it is all he talks about.
Cody did well on hie cherry report. The kids all liked the cherries we sent in and his teacher said he did really well on the verbal part.
I start school in 1 week from today. I am so ready to get my hands back into the ceramics part of it but I am nervous about taking art history. This week I am getting my books and supplies together and I am on the hunt for a backpack. Now all I need is some new shoes and school clothes and I am ready for my 1st day of school. Do you remember doing that when you were a kid. The first day of school was so neat because you got to wear the clothes and shoes that were bought for you a few weeks before but you were not allowed to wear.
I had a fantastic weigh in this morning. I weighed in at 178.6 which brings me to 37.6 pounds lost. I think the whoosh fairy is on a mini vacation in my house. I have been really careful about getting alot of protein and low carbs. It is boring but it works. I was so excited about being below 180 that I called Shawn and my mom to tell them. I warned my mom that I might pass her up. Watch out!!!
Well I am off to exercise. Have a great day.

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