Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sept. 27, 2007
I spent the entire day yesterday doing homework. I did some great work though. For my personal logo I did an irish tree of life for the Brenner which is also wood for my maiden name. There are 3 hungry birds in the tree, all the leaves are hearts, on the trunk where the hole would normally be I put 2 wedding rings in an infinity sign, last the tree has really large strong roots to show our family strength. I think it turned out pretty cool but I guess I will find out tonight when I turn it in.
I think I forgot to tell you all about my Taco Bell mishap the other day. I was at school during dinner and I had forgotten to put an ice pack in my lunch. My food did not look eatable. I thought what healthy food could I go get. All of the sudden I am in the drive thru at taco bell ordering a burrito. Opps. In case you do not know taco bell is my favorite fast food. Isn't that sad. Before my diet I ate there at least once a week. I can say that it was yummy but I have been paying for it the last 2 days.
i weighed in this morning at 173.0 so I am up .8 from Tuesday morning. I am still at 43.2 pounds lost in less then 12 weeks.
I am off to school again.

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