Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sept. 26, 2007
I have had a crazy last few days. I have been stressed, out of place, sad, worried.
I got a phone call on Monday that my Dad had been rushed to the hospital and was in CCU. Shawn came home from worka nd I spend the rest of the day in Arcadia at the hospital. It is hard to see anyone sick but when they are someone you have so much unresolved stuff with it makes it seem so important to go there and show them you do love them and care for them. His blood pressure got really low and he is not absorbing any fluids so he is really dehidrated. He spent alot of Mon. and Tues. getting tests done. I am going to call today to get the newest updates. Please keep him in your prayers.
Yesterday I had school. By the end of the day I had to drive home with the music off in the car because my brain literally stopped functioning and I could not take anymore. I got home and Shawn was doing laundy and had the house clean. We spent the hour before bed just talking which is always nice.
I have at least 4 days of homework to do in 1 day. I have several papers, projects, and a ton of reading to do before tomorrow. I guess I am in the big time now. I have to make a personal logo in only black and white and give a 5 min. explenation of what it represents. I have to make alter ego teapots for ceramics where I make 2 that are complete opposites but represent the 2 side to my personality. I have to draw up plans and answer a bunch of questions for that today. I also have to read like 30 pages for my art history class.
I have had the week from H--- so far I am just hoping it gets better. I know there are a few people who have left messages for me and I will call you back as soon as life slows down a bit.
So here is my funny story for the day. Yesterday in ceramics was a just mess around on the wheel day and see what you can make. I got my clay on and got going and I had the hardest time figuring out where my hands went and what I was doing something did not feel right. I tried 4 times. I woul get the clay centered and start to make something and then I kept ripping it right off the wheel . I was getting so upset that I finally told my teacher that today I was going to go draw becasue I just couldn't get the wheel to do anything. She comes over and after 3 hours of torture in my part tells me that for some reason my wheel is going backwards and that is my problem. So one flick of a switch and all fixed. I felt like a total idiot. I knew something was wrong but had no idea the wheels go different directions. I guess you learn something new everyday.
The absolute best part of the last few days is that I hit 44 pounds lost and got to open my 44 pound gift from Matt. It made my week when I got to open it. I am now the proud owner of a little green ipod shuffle. I was just telling Shawn that I really wanted one for school. Thanks a ton Matty. I love it.
Well off to homework .

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