Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sept. 6, 2007

Our household is up in a roar because tonight is a night we wait for all year long. Tonight is the start of the football season. Shawn and I are in a fantast football league and out of 12 teams we ended up playing each other this week. My favorite player Peyton Manning starts off the season tonight. So if you call our house or cells on Sun and don't gt an answer you know why.

Yesterday I spent most of the day taking it easy. My ankle swelled up quite a bit so I iced it alot, today it is doing much better. I did go meet Shawn for lunch at a burger jaoint by his work where I had a salad. I went to the market and filled some meds for Shawn at the pharmacy. All in all not too eventful. We spent the evening relaxing and playing in the pool. We got fast food dinner because I was being lazy. I had another salad for dinner. Salads are a safe choice but I know I went over in fat, calories and all that from the dressing and toppings like cheese. Today I am going to take it easy and eat things like tuna and chicken to see if I can throw myself back into losing again.

I added a few cute pics today, one is of the boys swimming in the yard, and the other is PJ at his desk complete with coffee and laptop.

I weighed in this morning at 184.2 which brings me to 31 even again. I have had a rough time getting back on 100% I am definitly doing my diet but a few weeks ago I would have scraped the cheese off my salad where yesterday I went ahead and ate it. I just need to refocus on what I was doing at the beggining and go with it again.

Have a good day.


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