Monday, September 24, 2007

Sept.24, 2007
So this weeknd was a hang out weekend. Sat. Shawn was gone most of the day so I got a girl movie called Georgia rule. It was ok but when it was over I felt kind of sad and depressed. Needless to day I don't recommend it. The boys and I watched a movie for them called Unaccompenied Minors. They really enjoyed it. For an adult it was cute.
So this week I am looking forward to all my favorite shows coming back for the season. Shawn and I watch Heroes and I watch Grey's Anatomy. I am also going to tivo the new one called Chuck and the one with Addison from Grey's Anatomy. I am also watching biggeat loser. I love tivo becasue I watch 1 maybe 2 a day and I get to enjoy a little me time each day.
I have so much reading to do today. I have 81 pages for 1 class and 30 for another. I am putting it off but I have no choice but to do it today. I also have to take my car in to the dealership. The drivers handle to open the door broke so everytime you have to open it you either have to leave the window down and reach in or do throught the back door to open it. Looks great.
I weighed in this morning at 175 even so I stayed the same over the weekend. Yeah that I did not go up. Well have a good Monday.

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