Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept. 10, 2007
Yikes, after writing the date I realized that I start school in 10 days. Wow, I can't believe that I am finally going to be starting at the University. Whoo hoo for me.
Ok now onto my terrible weekend. So Thursday I had a terrible stomach ache but not like norml like the kind when something is wrong like you need antibiotics. It hurt so bad that on Friday I ate a Peanut butter sandwich and a bowl of cereal it finally felt better after I had messed up we got ribs for dinner and a baked potato. I woke up Sat. and the ache thing was still there so I ate Wendy's for lunch a chicken sandwich. Dinner we had the Brenner end of summer party with enchiladas, taquitoes, dessert, yum all over. So I had a little of evrything. Sun. football started so I didn't eat breakfast but snacked on appetizers all day and had a few alchoholic drinks. I wake up this morning and I feel aweful, the aching crampy thing is gone but now I feel sick like I ate too much and bloated fun! I am going to start over on my diet with the beggining phase where you really are stricked and try to get all the leftover carbs and junk out of your system. I love that so many people are keeping me in check becasue I know I cannot give up like I normally would have by now. The key I am learning is if you have a bad meal, weekend, day just get back on. If you give up who is going to be the most diappointed? I am. I have a ton of support but in the end this is for me and I don't want to be fat.
I weighed in this morning at 186.0 which sucks but I should have it back dwn again soon. If I didn't cheat on the weekends I think I would be down another 15 or so pounds from where I currently am. I really need to treat weekends like weekdays and stop messing up. Good thing is I get to try again next weekend. Have a great Monday everyone.

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