Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sept. 4, 2007
We are back from our mini vacation weekend. We had a ton of fun and went non stop all weekend. Sat. evening we dropped the kids off with my sister and went to a BBQ at the Buchanan's house who is Shawn's boss. We hung out with all the MPM employees and I finally have faces to go with all the names. It was relaxing and fun. After the BBQ we hearded back to the hotel where we went to the bar for a little while and hung out with all the people from the Texas office. I had a few martinis that were actually good.
We woke up on Sun. and ordered room service for breakfast. Our tee time for golf was 10:10 so we went to the range and hit some balls and then off to play golf. We played with Shawn and I, Matty and Scottie Jones. It was so hot I cannot begin to explain. I think it was one of those experiances that you have to be part of to understand. I did really well at golfing. I have only played once before and it was last year. Golf is something I definitly want to get better at and had a great time playing. Shawn putted and did really well with his left hand. Mostly he went along for the experiance. After golf we all felt sick and tired so back to the hotel room to get a cold drink and cold shower. Scott and Matt went with us to Clearmans Northwoods inn for dinner and then off to see the born untimadum. It was a great movie. Sun night we ended up back at the bar for a few more martinis.
Mon. we woke up and just watched TV in bed for a few hours. After packing up we went to lunch and then to see Harry Potter before we picked up thee kids from my Sis and Dirk. Now it is trying to get back in the rutine of laundry and life.
I will admit that I was still careful this weekend but I still ate whatever I wanted. I stuck with diet soda and water and skipped a few meals so I did not feel bad having the bad stuff at the other meals. Golf was like working out all day. All in all I feel like I did the best I could in the situation I was in. I weighed in this morning at 184,8 so I gained like 1.5 pound but it was all worth it. 1.5 should be back off by next weekend. I am still at 31.8 pounds lost.
Shawn goes tot he doc today to get the newest news on his injuries so Ill post that tomnorow. I am going to see Obie the tattoo guy today to get my tattoo finished I am not thrilled with going through the pain again but it will be done forever after today. I'll post pics of that tomorrow also.

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