Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sept. 15, 2007
Yeah it's Sat. I got to sleep in until 9 am this morning. We are off for a day of fun and food. I am excited about the fun. The food is a little worrysome to me. I have had a great week this week. I decided to revamp and start over. I started the week at 186.0 and ended today with 176.4 for a total this week of 9.6 pounds. My fantastic week brings my total lost to 39.8. I was hoping to be at 40 even today but I think it still counts. I ran on the treadmill again yesterday. I had kind of a strange day exercise wise. I woke up and washed the car and mowed the lawn. My legs were so sore that I decided not to run. At 6 pm I felt so bad that I threw on my shoes and off I went for my 1 mile run. I felt so much better after. I told myself that I would run M-"F and this week I did. Well I am off for a busy day. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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