Monday, September 17, 2007

Sept. 17, 2007
Good Monday everyone.
The first thing you may notice is I have added music on my blog. Matt told me about a site where you can make a playlist for you myspace and it worked on my blog as well. I have mostly crazy songs from growing up but also a few favorites thrown in. Hope you guys don't mind. You can turn it off it you want to. If it makes your sites run slower let me know and I will take it off.
We had a really good weekend. Sat. we went to my Dad and grandma's house. I still have a hard time going over to their house. I feel like a little kids and get all crazy before we go. Shawn even said thatnks for not acting like that before we went this time. I am trying to be better about going over their, time us what I need. After that we went to my Mom's house to hang out and get to know her boyfriend Bob. We had fun just acting dumb and talking. My family is a bunch of talkers. I wonder where I get it? We had tons of differnt kinds of cheese and dessert. I could have been better about what I ate but I also could have been alot worse. Sun. we did nothing but watch football. I was good all day until the boys wanted ice cram sundaes and a small scoop ended up in a bowl with my name on it. I still have a weakness for hot fudge. I think I had a really successful weekend of sticking to my diet even with the going out and socializing. I did take Matt's famous black bean salsa to both places so I had something I knew I could munch on and not feel bad.
I weighed in this morning at 177.0 so up a tiny bit from Friday. I honestly am so excited I did not gain 3 pounds over the weekend again. I really want to be at 41 pounds lost by Thursday. I start school on Thur. and from the beginning hoped that I would meet this goal by then. I really want to get to 44 this week as well. Matt is pound 44 and he brought over a gift yesterday that is now sitting on my fireplace. What a motivator when it is well wrapped and I cannot even guess what it might be. Well hopefully I am there really soon.
Have a great day and enjoy the music,

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