Friday, September 28, 2007

Sept. 28, 2007
I am so glad that it is Friday. Yippee.
Yesterday was school. I have joined the clay club on campus. All that means is at the end of the quarter I can sell my art and get 80% of the cost. I feel like it also may be a good way to get to know people in my major. I am finding that to get to know people all you have to do is talk about art or cly and they can go on for hours. It is a nice instant bond with people.
I turned in my personal logo yesterday and did my 5 min critique. I did not get any negative feedback at all only positive and everyone seemed to really like the concept and ideas of what it stood for. The the teacher said I did an amazing job and he wouldn't change a thing. I am going to try to scan it in and put it on here if I can. I love the feeling of seeing my art in comparison to others. I actually feel like I can compete at their level. Shawn's first question was were you one of the worst, best, or middle of the road? I told him I am not the best or worst but I am definitly up there with the middle of the road people. Feel good to know they know my level now.
Shawn is doing really well taking my roll over on the nights I am at school. I came home last night to a dusted house with spagetti dinner on the stove. He is trying so hard to make sure that I come home with it in the same order I left it in if not better. He is an awesome guy.
I weighed in thismorning at 172.8 so I am still trying to get back down to 44 lost. I was going to try to not use my Ipod until I got back down to 44 lost again but i can't that thing is awesome. I did make it through 1 class without it yesterday. Oh well. By the way tomorrow is my 12 week mark for the diet can you believe it has been 12 weeks already? Wow, doesn't feel like it.
Another weekend and I am just trying to go down and not up again. Talk again on Monday.

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