Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well Shawn leaves for Oregon today. He went to work early this morning and leaves from work to the airport this afternoon. His flight is at 5pm and he returns Mon. at 9am. I have 5 days to work my butt off If I am going to reach my mini goal of being 20 pounds lighter(then my start weight) by Monday night. My first sponsored pound for Shawn is 21 and would love it if when I next saw him I was there.
I finally brought in the treadmill yesterday. I also while walking around Wal mart got a great deal on a mini trampoline. I guess that one of the things in exercise is called rebounding. Rebounding is where you dance and jump on a trampoline as your carbio. I ordered a dvd to do rebounding dance. I will let everyone know if this craze is all it is cracked up to be. So my living room looks like a mini gym. I have my bike, treadmill, and trampoline, I can circuit train in my own living room and save the curves membership. I also love tivo. I am setting the tivo up to record some fun workouts so that if I want a break from circuit training there it is waiting for me.
So for todays weigh in I am at 201.0 that takes me to 15.2 pounds total in 11 days. I am doing a strick version of my diet for the next few days if an effort to get the 5.8 pounds off I want to lose in the next 6 days. Wish me luck. I wanted to remind you also that my first mini goal was to be under 200 by Sept. 20th for my first day of school. I am 2 pounds away from that goal and still have 2 months to go. I love this diet. I still eat but the pounds are melting off. I have done a ton of diets before and this is the first one where I don't feel like my life revolves around food. I don't wait for the next meal. I actually had gotten so fed up with my weight that I did not give my self the chance to fail. Thanks to everyone for reading this, keeping me accountable, and supporting me along this path.

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