Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 20
I am at 20 pounds lost! Yeah. For some reason 20 seems like such a big milestone. I also got to open that stupid 20 pound gift that has been staring at me everyday. I now own a fantastic pair of brighton earrings that match my 10 pound bracelet. So all in all today has been a good day.
Yesterday I decided to try some exercise programs that we have tivo'd. I started out with belly dancing and the boys joined in. Belly dancing is not easy. I consider myself to be pretty cordinated and I was so lost. We turned it off and did hip hop dancing. Much more my style. I must say this is a program that I will only be doing when Shawn is not home or better said only in front of the kids. I look like a total weirdo. It was fun but man am I out of shape.
Tonight we are going to a family birthday party at a pizza joint. I am hyping myself up so I won't eat anything I am not supposed to. Pizza is not my favorite food so I think I am going to be just fine. If there were Hershey bars or cheese fries I might be in trouble.
Enjoy the sunshine,

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