Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 11
I got an exercise bike! Funny story. I decided yesterday morning that I was just going to go and buy an exercise bike. I had a certain amount that I could spend and I was out the door. I went to Walmart where I found the perfect one. Under budget so in the cart. I pay get it in my car and I am driving home. My cell rings and it is my Sis in law Jeanne. She had been reading this blog and seen that I was going to save up for one. Turns out that She and Randy have one they are not using and asks if I want it. I am so excited, it is almost the same one as I had purchased. I got on it this morning and did 30 min and 6 miles. Thank to Randy and Jeanne so much.
I had no idea that people would actually read my blog. I get people everyday that call or tell me that they are reading it. The pressure is on now. I have to make sure I write something interesting.
So I weighed in this morning at 202.0 so I am at a total of 14.2 pounds in 10 days. I can't believe that I have lost that much already. I have to say the diet is not easy. I have alot of restrictions but I think they are worth it. Shawn is leaving for Oregon tomorrow and my goal is to be 20 pounds lighter then my start weight when he returns. I have 7 days to lose 5.8 pounds. We shall see if it is possible. Root me on people.

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Corine said...

Keep up the good work.