Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 15 week 2 weigh in
After a crazy day yesterday I am looking for a day of relaxation. Garrett has a double ear infection. He is on 2 antibiotics. He already feels a ton better today. Even better is that the doctor we ended up going to was fantastic and Garrett really liked her. So instead of driving to Chino Hills for a great Doc we found one less the 2 miles away.
My Mom came over yesterday to watch the two other boys while we were at the doc. we had salads for dinner and a nice evening. My Mom also brought over my 20 pound surprise It is sitting on my fireplace reminding me to get to 20.
I am in Onederland. This mean my weigh now starts in a 1. Yeah. I weighed in this morning at 199.8. My weeks total was 5 pounds which brings my 2 weeks to a total of 16.4 pounds. People are asking if you can tell and I must say I feel alot better with more energy but I don't think you can really tell yet. I have heard the magic number is 30 pounds.
Have a fantastic weekend.

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