Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 17
Shawn gets home today! The boys are already counting donw until they get to see him. I have to make it short and sweet again because I have to start the homeschooling for the boys in about 2 min. We have a jam packed day of laundry, mopping, all the fun get ready for Shawn to have a nice evening at home stuff.
I weighed in this morning at 199 so that brings us to 17.2 pounds so far. I am waiting for the whoosh fairy again to come and take a pound over night again soon. I did not make it to 21 pounds before Shawn got home but hey I am under 200 a place I have not been in at least 3 years. We have a family dinner on Thursday and I am excited to see everyone. I feel like we haven't see Shawns family in quite awhile my only problem what do you eat at a pizza place. Salads the word I guess.

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